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Welcome to From the Shop Floor and Beyond

This is a blog by India’s largest garment manufacturer, Shahi Exports, that goes beyond business to share social and environmental innovation across our 65 factories.

As a team, we have responsibility for aligning the company’s growth with the development of people, community, and the environment. That means innovating to improve worker wellbeing, strengthening our internal sustainability systems, and engaging our employees through training and development initiatives. We work across divisions and departments internally and we build meaningful partnerships with our customers, nonprofits and industry bodies to drive positive change in our business and across the industry.

With this blog we want to open the door to our work as a major employer of unskilled and semi-skilled workers in India. We aim to be a leader in providing good working conditions and in creating important economic opportunities for India’s female workforce.

We’re always looking for new partners and innovators to work with so if you’re interested in speaking to us about any social or environmental projects please reach out on:

This blog is maintained by:

Anant Ahuja, Head, Organizational Development (OD)

Gauri Sharma, Manager, OD

Sakshi Katyal, Senior Executive, OD