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Shahi Woven's is traditionally recognized for its excellence in quality, product range, service & reliability. A whooping of over a million square feet is dedicated to produce the finest garments covers a vast spectrum of the woven line - men's and boy's shirts - casuals, men's shirts - formals, ladies & girls blouses, ladies & girls dresses and men's & ladies bottoms, among others.

Our core strength is being Product Development & Design Inputs supported by in-house studio and our offices in US. Our success being we bring the latest trends in the markets coupled with our in-depth study and shopping and create line for a particular brand 'n' to bring the newness in the ever changing fashion world.

We manufacture 2 million high quality woven garments per month and we are in the processing expanding 0.5 million pieces by the year 2007.

We have the world-class garment washing coupled with dry process to cater the fashion trends.

We have the state-of-the-art continuous fabric processing & handles all kinds of woven fabrics like poplin, twill, canvas and gauze etc., which are made of cotton, linen, rayon and lycra blends. The modern fabric processing delivers over 100,000 meters a day.

We have a structured quality system right from the inspection of all in-ward materials and the on-line checking of the garments in assembly line & inspection of the finished garments.

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